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These are the products, prototypes, and ideas that most distinctly signaled the future at this year’s consumer tech showcase.

OUR TEAM OF consumer tech reporters has been in Las Vegas since the weekend, tracking all of the new products being announced at CES. Of all the gadgets, apps, and concepts on display, we have found this collection of products to be exemplary. These things are fun, they are useful, and they solve a particular problem by using technology in a new way. They may exhibit smart design or groundbreaking feats of engineering. Or the product’s creator may have simply seen the future and was able to realize it in an object you can touch, hold, ride, or wear. This is the best of CES 2024.



01.08.24 WIRED CES 1610

Best Smart Home: Eureka Dual Washing Bot

No one has ever said, “I wish my washer, dryer, robot vacuum, and robot mop were all in one device.” But once you’ve seen this domestic mashup, you can never unsee it. And you will want it to be a part of your life; the combination of several large, bulky cleaning appliances in one convenient location makes a lot of sense. Eureka’s robot vacuum lives in the pedestal beneath the combo washer-dryer unit, and it comes out of hiding to clean the floors. The robovac has all the advanced AI dirt detection smarts you’d expect, but the real innovation here is purely mechanical. The robot mop’s dirty water tank drains into the same pipe as the washing machine. With one fell swoop, you solve time, energy, space, and the hassle of having to empty stinky floor-cleaning water into a sink. Right now, this bot combo is only available in China due to a licensing issue with the name by which the company wants to sell it in North America. But when it does become available in the United States, we’ll be jumping on that washing, drying, robot vacuuming and mopping train, too.—Adrienne So





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