Logging A Support Request

The preferred method to log a support request is to send an email to support@xenex.co.za,  providing us with as much detail as possible relating to your need for support. You will receive a confirmation email from our help desk software advising you of your ticket number.
Our first line tech team will assess your request and verify if the ticket can be resolved remotely (which they will do) or if a field tech would need to be scheduled and dispatched to come out to your premises to assist with the matter.

If you are unable to send an email then we ask that you contact our landline number and speak to a first line tech advise them of the issue, insist on a ticket number that you can use for tracking of the progress and can refer to in the future if need be.

It is important to note that WhatsApp messages to any of the technical team is not seen as a proper form of ticket logging. Technicians are either busy driving or at other clients premises resolving IT breakdowns, they are therefor not able to log tickets on your behalf. We have found that this often leads to tickets not being logged, delayed or not resolved. This causes frustration to you and your company and therefor ask that you either email or call in if email is not an option to have a support ticket logged.

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