Is Your Phone *Really* Listening to You? Cybersecurity Experts Explain

By Lauren Krouse

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Every year we become increasingly connected online and more reliant on technology. And why wouldn’t we? Social media helps us keep in touch; Alexa and Google answer all our questions; digital maps point us in the right direction; and apps make it easy to do…just about everything.

But all that connection can come at a cost to our privacy and security. And unfortunately, you’re a target: In 2021 alone, middle-aged and older adults accounted for 60% of victims of Internet crime and lost over $4 billion to hackers and scammers, per a report from the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Hackers are always finding innovative ways to sneak into our lives and steal valuable data that makes up our digital footprint, from posing as tech support people to inundating us with dangerous links.


Luckily, you don’t have to be a tech pro (or anything close) to protect yourself and your loved ones from digital disasters. Start with this guide to learn which threats should be top of mind for you and how you can build a stronger cybersecurity shield in seconds.

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