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Best Footrests for Added Comfort While Working at Office or Home

Last Updated: 8 Sep 2023

Ergonomics play an essential role in our daily life. You should make sure your feet are comfortable while doing any task. If you are searching for the best ergonomic footrest for your office or house, you have come to the right place. Footrests are great because they improve blood circulation, provide comfort while sitting, and much more. You will find them in different types, shapes, and sizes in the market. Your selection should be made keeping your needs in mind. Moreover, if you want to get one of the best footrests of 2023, consider buying any of the following options:

Comparing the Top Footrest for 202

Everlasting Ergonomic Foam Footrest – Best Overall


Key Features

  • Heat-responsive technology present in the footrest to dissipate heat
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Comes with a soft and removable cover that is machine washable
  • Made from premium memory foam to last longer with satisfactory results

Say a final goodbye to sore feet while working at your office or home. The ergonomic footrest pillow will provide you with everlasting comfort all day. This pillow is perfectly designed as per the natural shape of your feet for better circulation in your feet and legs while keeping your body in a comfortable sitting position. It also has a 2-in-1 function: you can use it as a cushion for your feet to rest on or use it as a rocker to keep your lower body active.

ErgoFoam Under Desk Footrest – Runner-up


Key Features

  • Flip it over to use it as a rocker for keeping your feet moving and improving circulation
  • Use it anywhere while working, traveling, or at your home
  • Broader than the competition
  • Offers better support and comfort
  • Pair it with a seat cushion for a Lumbar support pillow for great ergonomic support

This footrest is recommended by professional Chiropractors. It is made from velvet, which provides a soft and comfortable feel that allows you to press your feet into the cushion and quickly stretch your ankles. You can use this under desk foot foam for working and gaming purposes to keep your body in good posture and ensure the proper blood circulation in your legs.

EUREKA Adjustable Footrest – Honorable Mention


Key Features

  • Helps in relieving fatigue and improving your work efficiency during a busy workday
  • Made with environmentally-friendly rubber
  • Use it anywhere
  • Large pedal surface provides a massage that releases the pressure on your feet
  • Sturdy metal frame which ensures excellent stability

This adjustable footrest will provide exceptional comfort while working all day, massage your feet, reduce stress, and promote better blood circulation. It has a great ergonomic design and will allow you to set the height and tilt appropriate for your needs. You can easily tilt it back and forth between an angle of 0 to 20 degrees. For maximum comfort, it is best to change the foot’s position periodically. Moreover, it has scratch-resistant rubber feet, which will protect the surface on which you will place it.

HUANUO Under Desk Footrest – Also Consider


Key Features

  • One cover comes with microbeads for lower height
  • Second cover comes with magic tape and massaging microbeads for higher height
  • Massaging microbeads keep the footstool in one place and improve blood circulation
  • Use it at your home, office, or on an airplane for maximum support and to reduce fatigue

This firm foot pillow will provide a comfortable elevation of 4.15 inches. If you want to get an additional elevation of 1.57 inches, consider attaching an extended piece. You will get two optional covers and zippers for covering both sides of the pillow. Moreover, you can adjust the height as needed. You can place it under your desk, on your sofa or bed. The fabric is also easy to clean and machine washable.

GRUNEN WOLKEN Rectangle Footrest – Premium Quality


Key Features

  • Protective non-slip feet for safe use and to prevent scratches on the floor
  • Small zipper compartment underneath is suitable for storing lightweight items
  • Easy to assemble as it arrives with all the essential tools
  • Use as an extra table, footrest, or hallway shoe bench

Faux leather small Ottoman stools are available in rectangular shapes for a modern look. You can get this footrest in different colors to match your decorating style. The upper surface of the stool is made from high-quality water-proof PU leather, which is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it is padded with a high-density sponge for comfort. You have to wipe the surface using a wet towel in case of any stain.

A High-quality Footrests Buying Guide

Poor posture can be the primary reason for back pain, shoulder, and neck pain. Correcting this posture may reduce fatigue and increase proper blood flow throughout your body, making you more comfortable. People often have to sit for hours while working at the office, at home, or to travel. The best affordable solution for this is to get a footrest. An ergonomic foot foam can help you with posture correction, support your feet, and reduce fatigue. Moreover, you can also consider using other ergonomic equipment for your back support to make a better working or sitting environment. If you are planning to buy a desk foot foam for everyday use, the following guide will be beneficial for you to make the right purchase. 

What Are Different Types of Footrests Available on the Market?

Generally, there are three types of footrests which you can buy according to your needs:

Adjustable Footrest

It is best for all-day comfort and firm support. This is an excellent option if you have short legs and want to rest your feet properly by adjusting the height. It will allow you to add or remove inches for proper comfort. These are made using quality material and provide a lush and soft surface. Due to the soft surface, you can press your feet and stretch your ankle. Note that you can get it in breathable mesh material or premium velvet.

Under Desk Footrest

The ergonomic under desk foot foam offers maximum support to your feet to ensure that you sit correctly. It will help you reduce the fatigue and soreness in your legs, knees, back, and feet by improving your posture and blood circulation. This foot foam is wide enough to make you sit comfortably in contrast to a short footrest. Always check the size before you buy any foot foam for yourself.

Breathable Mesh Footrest

This high-density footrest will provide great ergonomic support for your feet. The premium mesh cover keeps the moisture away from your feet, keeping you cool and dry all day long. In contrast to other fabrics, this footrest is easy to clean and pet-friendly. They use high-quality materials to last longer and offer great overall relaxation.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Ergonomic Footrests?

Now, let’s talk about some of the essential benefits of the ergonomic footrest in your daily life:

Improve Blood Circulation

For a constant oxygen supply to different body organs, proper blood circulation is very critical. When you move around, blood flows easily. The ergonomic footrest encourages more movement than you would normally do while sitting. The design allows you to twist your feet and legs as per your choice.

Proper Comfort

It would help if you looked for the best comfort available. The foot foam should not only be soft, but they have to be comfortable as well. With the proper amount of support, you will feel less pain in your body when you sit for long hours each day.

Best For Short People

One problem faced by short people is that their feet cannot reach the floor. It is primarily the case when the seat is too high. You can easily rest your feet on a firm cushion for support when you have a footrest with adjustable height.

Improve Overall Health

Besides improving blood circulation, the ergonomic footrest will relieve the pressure on the lower back and legs. It will effectively reduce the likelihood of varicose veins and blood clots. Overall, it will help you develop a better posture and offer dynamic sitting behavior in the long run.

What Features To Consider When Buying a Footrest?

Below are some significant features to keep in mind when purchasing the under desk foot foam:


Your foot foam should stay in place even when you apply pressure or move your feet back or forth. Proper stability is a must, and you should look for anti-skid products to ensure these will not slip on your home or office floor.

Pressure Relief

When the cushion is firm, and the cover is smooth, it will help to massage your feet. An ergonomic footrest with microbeads or a ribbed pattern will keep you relaxed all the time and improve blood circulation. This footrest has a non-flat surface and a tilt feature to keep your blood flowing.


If you plan to take your footrest to your office or when traveling, you should pick a lightweight option with a built-in handle. The ergonomic footrest, which comes in separate pieces, is more flexible when it comes to storage. The compact design will make it easy for you to travel with ease.


This feature is also essential in picking up the right product. If you are short, a footrest with adjustable height may make things easier. Adjust the height as needed; you can get it for a regular or full-standing desk. More importantly, you can use it at home or on a flight.

What Is the Price Tag for Footrests?

You can buy a footrest for between $24 and $115. This price variation is due to the materials used. If you want to buy an adjustable footrest with multiple positions to place your feet, you will have to pay a little extra compared to a common one. People often buy foot pillows made of memory foam, and they are covered with a breathable mesh fabric or PU leather. These are easy to clean, reduce fatigue and provide support. When making your purchase, be aware of the product’s size, portability, stability, and durability to invest your money in the right foot pillow.

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