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5 Ways You Can Work Remotely Using Just a Smartphone! No Computer Needed.

Story by Anna Thurman  • 2mo

Do you want to earn income from home, but a smartphone is all you have? Truthfully, you’ll have way more opportunities to earn if you have access to a laptop or desktop computer, but don’t count yourself out of remote work if you only own a smartphone.

I did some research to uncover some actual, paying opportunities you can do from your home with only a smartphone, and I did find a handful of things you may want to look into.
Still — for remote work, an actual computer is an important and much needed investment in most cases. Even if all you can afford is a Chromebook, that’s better than nothing!

5 Ways You Can Earn Money Online With Only a Smartphone


Do you know English plus one other language? Then you can be a translator for a company called Stepes.

And yes, Stepes lets you do all your translation work entirely from a smartphone. No computer is needed. You can also set your own schedule and work whenever you have time.

The best thing about Stepes is you can get paid anytime. Just cash out your earnings to Paypal after your translation work has been approved, and the funds will be sent straight to you.


Appen is almost always hiring remote social media evaluators in the US. And yes — all you need to do this work is an iOS or Android device with at least 10-50 megabytes available so you can screen record.

Per the job description, “Your main responsibilities will include watching and assessing videos on three popular social media platforms: Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and TikTok. Your insights will help us understand how well these platforms align with users’ interests and preferences.”


If you have an Apple or Android device, you can download the Palfish app and get paid video or voice chatting with people trying to learn to speak English.

This is another flexible gig you can work at anytime you feel like, no set schedule.

Palfish lets you set your own rate for your services as well. They will pay you twice a month with Paypal.

Nice Talk

If you like the idea of helping others learn English via chat-based apps, Nice Talk is another one that is similar to Palfish. It’s also available for Apple and Android devices.

Like Palfish, you don’t need any past experience teaching English in order to earn. You just need to know English well enough to speak it conversationally.

Nice Talk will pay you twice monthly for the work you do on their app.

Start Doing Gig Work

While gig work isn’t “at home,” it is flexible, and all you need is your phone to start accepting gigs and begin earning money.

For example, you can deliver food and groceries for companies like Shipt, Instacart, and Door Dash and use your phone to accept orders whenever you like.

Many gig workers earn $20 hourly or even more for the flexible work they do. And again — no computer is needed to sign up and start working.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, five different ideas to earn income remotely and flexibly using just a smartphone.

I wish the list were bigger, but I do feel confident we’re going to see more and more of these opportunities as time goes on.

Good luck!

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