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5 Best Mouse Pads (2023 Guide)

A mouse pad is a computer desk accessory that you don’t really notice until it’s missing. So whether you’re working on a spreadsheet, vanquishing your enemies during an online gaming session, or simply browsing the web, a good mouse pad is essential.

To help you find the best product for you, our team researched the best mouse pads on the market today. Here are our top recommendations. 

Top 5 Mouse Pads

Compare Top Mouse Pads

HONKID Aluminum Mouse PadAluminum, PU leather 9 x 7 inches13.99
UTECHSmart RGB Gaming Mouse PadRubberRectangle31.5 x 11.8 inches13.99
MROCO Mouse Pad 3 PackSpill-proof friction fabric, non-slip rubberRectangle8.5 x 11 inches7.99
VORNNEX Memory Foam Mouse PadBreathable fabric, non-slip rubber, memory foamOval10 x 9 inches6.99
Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse PadNano-texture rubberRectangle31.5 x 12 inches29.99

Best Mouse Pad Overall: HONKID Aluminum Mouse Pad

Product Card ImageCourtesy Amazon

HONKID Aluminum Mouse Pad

  • $13.99

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This is the best hard mouse pad we found in the course of our research. It features a durable, waterproof metal surface on one side a black PU leather on the other—excellent for adept mouse tracking. This small mouse pad’s footprint is ideal for those who need a rigid surface while traveling. HONKID offers the metal mouse pad in black, gold, rose gold, and silver finishes. 

Pros and Cons

✔ Features double-sided metal/PU leather design
✔ Provides small, rigid work surface for workers on-the-go
✔ Offers a smooth gliding surface that enhances precision 

✘ May be too small for gaming 
✘ Rigid aluminum build does not roll up or fold down

What Customers Are Saying

According to our research, this mouse pad earned rave reviews from many customers on Amazon for its durability, waterproofness, compact size, and double-sided design. On the other hand, some critical reviewers indicated that the colored finishes were easy to scuff and that the small footprint was less than ideal for certain applications, such as gaming.

Best Oversized Mouse Pad: UTECHSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Product Card ImageCourtesy Amazon

UTECHSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

  • $13.99

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This unique, machine-washable mouse mat has a large size that is great for those looking to cover the entire length of their keyboard or desk. This mouse pad also has a smooth waterproof surface with durable stitched edges that makes it easy to use paired with a non-slip rubber base.

Pros and Cons

✔ Features an anti-slip rubber base
✔ Has adjustable brightness levels
✔ Comes with a nano-textured cloth surface 

✘ Large surface may be too big for some desks
✘ Some reviews said it had a strong odor

What Customers Are Saying

Among positive reviews for this mouse pad, many said it was a good option for gaming, had a large surface area, and was comfortable to use. However, there were also a few negative reviews, with some common criticisms of this product saying that it was hard to smooth and frequently had waves. In addition, others said the lights occasionally stopped working after minimal use.

Best Mouse Pad Set: MROCO Mouse Pad 3 Pack

Product Card ImageCourtesy Amazon

MROCO Mouse Pad 3 Pack

  • $7.99

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This three-pack of soft mouse pads comes in several sizes and is a great choice for anyone with multiple work locations or families with more than one computer. It features a smooth cloth surface to reduce unwanted mouse movement and a non-slip rubberized base, making it optimal for various mouse types.

Pros and Cons

✔ Has reinforced stitched edges that won’t fray
✔ Has a spill-proof, stain-resistant coating
✔ Is also available as a six- and 12-packs 

✘ Has limited color selection
✘ Only available in one size

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon reviewers that left positive reviews for this mouse pad were particularly impressed with its durable, comfortable design. Another positive feature that was pointed out was this mouse pad’s size, with multiple customers saying that it was big enough to provide room to move around without being too large. While many felt this product was a good value, we also found that some had issues tracking on this pad, while others said the base slid on occasion. 

Most Ergonomic Mouse Pad: VORNNEX Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Product Card ImageCourtesy Amazon

VORNNEX Memory Foam Mouse Pad

  • $6.99

Prices taken at time of publishing.

If you spend hours in front of your computer every day, it can be hard on your wrists and hands. This ergonomic memory foam and cloth mouse pad can tailor any desk surface to reduce wrist strain. This product has an ergonomic design that features a memory foam wrist pad that eases wrist fatigue and makes using your mouse more comfortable. 

Pros and Cons

✔ Has a non-skid rubber base
✔ Has a sleek, modern design
✔ Regains its original shape after several hours of use

✘ No additional size or color options 
✘ Has a somewhat small surface area

What Customers Are Saying

Some of the key features of this mouse pad that received the most positive Amazon reviews include its comfortable wrist support, the smooth surface area that effortlessly glides the mouse and its durable design. However, while most were happy with this ergonomic mouse pad, some users had issues with its longevity, saying the mouse pad scuffed easily and that the ends often curled up.

Best Mouse Pad For Gaming: Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse Pad

Product Card ImageCourtesy Amazon

Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse Pad

  • $29.99

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This RGB mouse pad wins our pick for the best gaming mouse pad for a few reasons. First, it provides an ample, low-friction gaming surface for peripherals. Second, this large mouse pad features a nano-textured surface material, 10 RGB lighting modes, and an anti-slip rubber base—perfect for esports and first-person shooter gaming setups.

Buying Guide to Mouse Pads

When deciding on which mouse pad is best for your computer desk, there are several different factors that you should take into consideration to make sure you’re finding the right product for you, including: 

Mouse Pad Size

The size of your mouse pad should depend on what you mainly use your computer for. For example, if you have a small desk and only use your computer for browsing the web or writing emails, a small mouse pad ranging from 5-to-7 inches is likely sufficient. 

However, if you use your computer for gaming or work on it daily, you’ll likely want a larger mouse pad, perhaps even one big enough to cover the entire length of your desktop. Larger mouse pads provide more flexibility and a larger surface area if you move your mouse around frequently. 

Mouse Pad Material

Mouse pads that feature soft materials like neoprene are typically best for roller-ball mice, while more rigid mouse pads work best for optical mice. Soft pads provide a soft, non-slip surface that is more comfortable for everyday tasks. In contrast, hard pads, usually made from plastic or metal, may work better for gaming as they allow optical mice to move more precisely with less friction.

Mouse Pad Ergonomics and Comfort Factors

mouse pads should have an ergonomic design that makes using your mouse more comfortable and reduces the strain on your wrist and fingers. To increase comfort, look for mouse pads with features like a wrist rest, a padded cushion, and a non-skid surface. 

Extra Features

Some mouse pads also come with additional features that help them stand out from other options on the market. Some common extra features include lights, wireless charging, various color options, and unique designs or prints. Of course, the overall functionality of a mouse pad is its most important factor, but extra features can help provide more value and a more pleasing aesthetic. 

Tips for Reducing Wrist Strain When Using a Mouse

If you use a computer all day for work or school or use one frequently in your personal life to use the web or play games, it can lead to wrist pain over time. However, there are various steps you can take to ease the stress on your wrist and hands, in addition to finding an excellent mouse pad. Here are our top tips. 

Hold the mouse properly

Holding your mouse in an improper position can accentuate pain in your wrist. Therefore, you should always keep your mouse to the right of your keyboard and close enough that your elbow is bent at a 90-degree angle. Additionally, your hand and wrist should be straight when holding your mouse, as bending can lead to more fatigue. 

Be mindful of wrist positioning 

Maintaining good wrist positioning will create positive habits that will ease the strain on your body when using a mouse. Always be sure that with your elbow at your side, your wrist is positioned slightly lower than your elbow with your forearms in line with the desk. Office chair height and positioning play a significant role in how your wrist is positioned, so check that your chair is not too tall or short. Also, always be mindful of your posture to avoid slouching. 

Avoid additional pressure

Another key to avoiding wrist fatigue is ensuring you aren’t adding any additional stress to your wrist as you hold the mouse. This can happen by squeezing too hard on the mouse, having bulky items on your wrist that add pressure (such as large watches or bracelets), or coming into contact with hard surfaces that could cause discomfort. 

Take a break to stretch

Taking frequent breaks to give your hand and wrist rest will help ease discomfort over a long workday. When you’re on your break, consider implementing some stretches to loosen up your hands and prevent the risk of future injury. 

FAQs About Mouse Pads

Do you need to use a mouse pad?

A mouse will technically work without a mouse pad, but having one can improve its performance. Mouse pads make it easy to guide your mouse where you want it to go on the screen and help reduce the dirt and dust it picks up from your desk. Plastic mouse feet will also wear down quicker when used on bare surfaces. Add image

Does it matter what color your mouse pad is?

Color is typically an aesthetic choice for mouse pads, with one exception. You should always avoid your mouse pad being the same color as the laser on your mouse, as that can cause your mouse to lag. Most optical mice have a red laser, so you’ll want to avoid a red mouse pad.

How do you clean mouse pads?

Fabric mouse pads with stitched edges can be submerged in warm water and cleaned with dish soap and a soft brush. If the edges are not stitched together, or the mouse pad has a hard surface or electrical components, it should be cleaned more carefully. You will need a clean, microfiber cloth to gently wipe it down with warm soapy water.

No matter what material your mouse pad is made from, ensure it is fully dry before using it again.

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