Xenex Computers

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Procedure to log a support ticket:

1) The best way to log support queries is to send an email to support@xenex.co.za with a detailed description of the problem. The more information we have the sooner we can solve it, as it makes the troubleshooting a lot easier.

2) Should there not be access to email a call can be placed to our call center on

011 867 5888

• When logging calls always ensure we have the following:

o Name of staff member / person with the issue

o A clear description of the problem. i.e. when I click on a shortcut on my desktop nothing happens – means a lot more than my system is not working.

o TeamViewer ID and password – if available – in a lot of cases we can support the users remotely.
How it works:

Once a ticket has been logged, the 1st line technician on duty will assess the ticket and decide on the best course of action for that ticket:

1. If it is a minor issue that can be resolved remotely, they will contact you and assist you over remote support to resolve your issue.
2. If the issue is not resolvable remotely and requires an onsite resource, it is then upgraded to 2nd line support and scheduled for action.
3. If 2nd line support is unable to resolve the ticket is then escalated to 3rd line support whereby the necessary steps will take place to get the issue resolved.
Important points:

• Please do not contact the technicians directly without having followed the above procedure, there is no way for management to follow up on tickets that have not been logged.

• Please note that WhatsApp messages to the technicians is not seen as a proper channel of communication and will be ignored if the technician is out in the field.