ITC Management Services

In today’s technology driven era, small and medium businesses are faced with high requirements for access to modern ITC Infrastructure and solutions. Xenex has developed systems in line with small business requirements and utilise readily available off the shelf products together with the Microsoft and Linux Platforms in order to deliver these services either as onsite functioning or hosted applications

Xenex offers extensive Service Level Agreements. Part of our offering includes the proactive monitoring, housekeeping and management of all ITC infrastructures. Instead of only offering IT support services to our clients, we favour partnering with our clients, allowing the business owner to focus on their core business. Xenex provides small businesses with a full IT Department at their disposal, allowing our client’s access to comparable services that large corporate organisations enjoy.

Apart from the Service Level Agreements Xenex offers, we also provide detailed IT Documentation to all our clients as well as the upkeep of IT Asset registers. We will ensure that our client is utilising the correct hardware for their business requirements and that all hardware is functioning at optimal levels

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